Company profile

The company was created in 1987, when the present partners Bruno Ramello and Paolo Mardegan decided to join and continue together in a sector where they had been operating since 1982.

Initially Recmac was only selling spare parts and components for agricultural and earth moving machines: in this field it operated at fist locally, then it started to grow and it became increasingly present in the north-west part of Italy.

In 1988, only a year after its creation, the company started to cooperate with INDECO and VTN Europe which made Recmac the official sole dealer for the regions of Piedmont, Liguria and Valle d’Aosta.

In 1992 Recmac moved to the new more spacious headquarters in Buriasco: this made a better organization of the spare part department possible, as well as the creation of a separate repair workshop and carpentry area.

In time there have been further acquisitions of adjacent buildings so that the present internal work organization has been made more and more efficient.

Today, Recmac s.r.l. is well-known in the field of earth moving equipment not only in the north-west of Italy, but as far as the south-east of France.

Our aim is to continue our upward trend with customer satisfaction, care and efficiency as the main ingredients of our present and future success.

  • 1982 - Start of the spare parts and agriculture components sale in San Secondo di Pinerolo (TO) – hence the name RECMA from the first Italian letters (Ricambi E Componenti Macchine Agricole)
  • 1987 - RECMAC s.r.l is established as demolition and digging equipment dealer
  • 1988 - RECMAC has gotten by VTN mandate as official dealer
  • 1989 - RECMAC has gotten by INDECO mandate as official dealer
  • 1992 - Inauguration of the current headquartes in Buriasco (TORINO), with its repair shop and wharehouse
  • 2003 - LEHNHOFF HARTSTAL relationship begans
  • 2009 - RECMAC SERVIZI is established as RECMAC GROUP internal workshop
  • 2017 - RECMAC celebrates 30 years of activity, always oriented to new market challenges...
  • 2021 - Vertical Storage System 4.0 – store it neatly, pick it easily