Designed for filling and deforestationit of trees, shrubs and high stem bushes, of various sizes, it is a versatile, safe and fast tool.
Particularly suitable for large collection in forest areas, it is indicated for operating at critical points with difficult access, such as: escarpment, road-sides, swamp areas.
Cutting gear is made up of:

  • higher clamp for the initial clamping phase of the work cycle, with the possibility of adjustment of the cutter-opening based on the diameter of the stem
  • sturdy continuous 360° self-locking rotation 
  • central accumulation clamp enabling multiple cuts in order to optimize the work cycle
  • hardened blade, made of no-wear material, precise and easily replaceable 

Material used allow to minimize the wear and the maintenance of the shear. 
Thanks to the picker arm, the equipement can be also use for the handling, allowing an high productivity and the fast reuse of the cut material for the subsequent processing steps such as: stacking, chipping or loading for transport.