VTN MAX LOCK - Reversible dedicated quick coupler

Safe and easy, it allows equipment interchangeability within seconds at reasonable price.
MAX LOCK is the new VTN dedicated quick coupler system, designed in order to responded to new EU norms in matter of reliability and safety.
Available in the mechanical or hydraulic version, the MAX LOCK quick coupler is:

  • SAFE: equipment locking is guaranteed by a positive action system, that prevents the release, also in case of malfunction
  • REVERSIBLE: allows to set the bucket in standard or reverse position. 
  • DEDICATED: only hooks-up with its APAKAR adapter
    More, VTN has created a MAX LOCK buckets line, in which all classic buckets are present, but in heavy duty version and specifically equipped by the APAKAR adapter 

The VTN - MAX LOCK product line is completed with a range od dedicated and renforced buckets.