VTN MT - Multiutility

This versatile attachment is incredibly efficient for all types of demolition work that would otherwise require the use of different machines and equipment.

The multiutility attachment stands out for the wide range of interchangeable versions that make it one of the most versatile VTN piece of equipment.
Able to perform different types of specialist work, the jaws can be changed quickly and easily depending on the work being done.

Thanks to the efficient VTN 360° hydraulic rotation system and regenerating valve, it can be considered the best multi-utility ever, capable to meet all requirements in any type of demolition work.


  • D JAWS - primary demolition
  • S JAWS - scrap shear
  • P JAWS - pulverizer (secondary demolition)
  • R JAWS - combined
  • T JAWS - tank
  • W JAWS - wood
  • CH JAWS - Swiss