ESA - Hydraulic magnet

Simple to install, not bulky, but with high productivity, it is the ideal piece of equipment to select and group together

  • iron scrap from primary demolition
  • scrap recycling
  • land reclamation from metal parts
  • cleaning squares from metallic wastes

The result of an innovative plan and design, it stands out on the market for their high technology included one single equipment, thanks to the new hydraulic/magnet system, which does not require an electric generator.
The body is totally built from HARDOX400, capable to bear crashes and wear out.
It is available in 3 production

  • STANDARD - link chains
  • HEH - link fix by adapter plate 
  • TH - heavy duty version with teeth

and for its operation, a single-acting line (hammer line) is sufficient to operate the hydraulic motor and generate the magnetic field.