INDECO HP - Hydraulic breakers

The best Italian technology on international scale in the field of demolition.
Efficiency and a proven quality level and reliability ensure top-class performances and savings in maintenance costs.

INDECO offers one of the best ranges of hydraulic hammers in the world.
The models in the HP series can be: SMALL / MEDIUM / LARGE.
Users can, therefore, choose the ideal breaker for their machine.
All breaker in the HP series stand out for:

  • a sleek well-proportioned line that will ensure good working conditions also in difficult situations such as trenches, tunnels...
  • double damping thanks to the internal hydraulic and external mechanic system, with dampers fitted axially and laterally on the chassis
  • high efficiency thanks to an “intelligent” hydraulic system which allows an automatic variation in the power and frequency of the blows according to the nature of the material to be demolished
  • silent performances thanks to the use of special noise-absorbing and noise-reducing materials positioned on the chassis: WHISPER version, the special INDECO supersilent model
  • environmentally-friendly and low on fuel consumption. With a now even more efficient hydraulic system, that allow to reduce the number of revolutions per minute on the carrier, the HP series has now also become Fuel Saving. They lead to fuel savings of up to 20%, while ensuring optimum performance and maximum productivity

MIDI and MAXI-RANGE hammers are as standard equipped by the Indeco's Anti Blank Firing system (ABF). It cuts out blank fire by eliminating any down pressure from the hammer whenever the tool is not resting firmly on the surface to be demolished. 
This system increase the service life of all components subject to wear and tear, as well as reducing stress to the hammer body and excavator arm.