VTN MD - Sorting & Handling grapple

This grapple is deal designed for sorting and for handling demolished materials and all materials on a building site.
Designed with a lowered body profile to better accommodate even large volumes between its jaws, it is mainly used for:

  • sorting and separate demolished materials
  • place barriers or prefabricated buildings
  • handling round bales or garbage bales
  • stack branches or small shrubs
  • handling industrial drums and big bags

but it can be also used to move every types of materials where is need:

  • hight precision and clamping force
  • reduced spaces
  • delicacy in handling 

These characteristics make it a versatile and multiutility tool, capable to satisfy the needs of every work.
Thanks to a 360° hydraulic rotation and to its renforced selwing ring that allow also a vertical use, it is available in five different productions, to meet and supply a customized equipement according to the sector of use.