VTN PM - Grab for blocks and stones handling

Developed and designed as a hand for handling heavy and bulky materials, it is the ideal equipment for lifting and moving boulders, blocks, trunks or any other material, for which high strength is required.
This makes it a highly functional and versatile equipment for different uses.
Its high clamping force, given by the presence of two autonomous cylinders for each mobile jaw, allows:

  • a secure and reliable grip of the material to be handled
  • safety for the operator
  • precision in the positioning of the material

Equipped with continuous 360 ° hydraulic rotation, it can be used in an easy and fast way, ensuring excellent maneuverability for positioning of what moved.
This makes it ideal for works of:

  • creation of cliffs or massifs
  • handling of fluvial material
  • stacking of large logs
  • handling of heavy products
  • selection / handling of demolition waste material
    (armed columns, parts of slabs, concrete blocks, ...)
  • positioning of the new jersey