VTN SR - Rotating screening bucket

Sturdy and reliable, it features a drum with a conical base that optimises the selection and the screening of various types of material.
Largely used for the screening of the demolished materials, it can also be successfully employed for other types of material, such as ground and sand, to obtain suitable material for fills or finishes.
Its sturdy frame is developed to

  • protect the screening drum
  • be capable to withstand even the most heavy-duty workloads
  • be not so bulky as to hinder the loading/unloading operations.

Drum can rotate in two different directions and it is made from one single piece and with a conical shape to

  • be better shock-resistant
  • be easily removed and replaced with just 8 bolts
  • allow a better descent of the material inside the bucket, in order to obtain an efficient screening, preserving the arm of the machine