VTN DSG - Screening bucket

This new type of screening bucket allows the separation and the fragmentation of many types of materials, even of different consistencies.
Available with 3 interchangeable kits of set-up rollers (15/30/50 mm), it is ideal for

  • trench direct filling on site 
  • aeration of grounds polluted by acids or hydrocarbons
  • fragmentation of very compact materials, such as clay
  • fragmentation of sticky or wet materials, such as peat, compost or ground

The rotating blades, made of HARDOX 500 and HARDOX 600, guarantee excellent wear resistance performance, even with very abrasive materials.
Available with 2 different profiles

  • general purpose, for standard screening
  • screening & crushing, for selection and fragmentation

thanks to their particular design and their placement as an interrupted spiral, they allow to the DSG series, to assure 

  • wide range of use with many materials
  • greater speed of screening and therefore productivity
  • finished product of high quality and totally recycled