VTN FB - Crushing bucket

Productive and performing, even if slightly larger than a standard bucket, it is the ideal equipment to solve the increasingly frequent necessity of recycling the resulting materials of a demolition, directly on site, in order to allow immediate reuse.

The HD line certainly finds its ideal environment on the construction site with aggregates, but it can also be used for more heavy duty works, such as the reduction of

  • river rock and small/medium streambed boulders
  • rip-rap and shot rock
  • reinforced concrete blocs

Entirely made from HARDOX 400, like every equipment in the VTN range, it can withstand all shocks connected with its use.
It is fitted by an hydraulic pistons engine that moves the mobile jaw, which can be adjusted according to the desired size of recycled material.
The two jaws of the crushing bucket are shaped in an optimal way to allow an easy outflow of the material.
Built in manganese melt, they have excellent durability.

It can be fitted out by magnet to deferrize the the cruched materials.