VTN FT - Rotating crusher

This equipment, designed for both primary and secondary demolition, is a good alternative to the FP series rotating crusher.
Praticality and cost-effectiveness solutions have been adopted for its development, but never leave the component quality and the robustness of VTN products in order to penetrate specific makets, reduce maintenance costs and meet the needs of everyone operators.

Main structural features:

  • body totally realized in HARDOX 400
  • reinforcements in the areas subject to wear
  • body and jaws without projection for greater compactness
  • pivot fixing system, anti-rotation, simplified and safe
  • removable and easily remplaceable single teeth
  • corrugated blades for the rebar cutting, replaceable

Hydraulic features:

  • pressure peaks valve
  • flow regulators for optimizing the rotation speed
  • "overturned" and protected position of the cylinder
  • speed valve