LEHNHOFF - Lehmatic

The most compact quick coupling system to quickly fit in an easy way your excavator with the attachment appropriate for the job.
The Lehnhoff quick coupler system makes any excavator more versatile.
A universal adapter system allows the use of all attachments on different excavator brands.
Fast and easy to use, it is manufactured in two versions:

  • hydraulic
  • mechanic

The operator can exchange equipment in no time and in the hydraulic model without moving from the excavator.
The coupler consists of two elements:

  • quick coupler head
  • fitting adapter

Locking happens through a front bore that hooks the two couplers of the quick coupler system. Rear locking happens thanks to the action of two conical bores which come out with a mechanic or hydraulic movement and lock and at the same time ensure tolerance-free connection.